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Creative Conversations Talks To A Moon Manifestation Coach

September 30, 2021
This quote, " Creativity is the birthing of ideas",  was inspired from Tracey Rampling saying creativity is important because the world was not created from a single spark. The curiosity of things keeps inspiring new thoughts and solutions that turns ideas into things. 💜
Tracey Rampling Brown is a Certified Moonologer™ and Moon Manifestation Coach who works with overwhelmed multi-passionate entrepreneurs that want to succeed in business by doing it their own way!
By reconnecting with their intuition, harnessing the energetics of the moon cycles and balancing their divine masculine and feminine energies Tracey's clients become perfectly aligned to manifest the crap out of their dreams and live vibrant, balanced, joy-filled lives they LOVE!
An Aussie An Aussie girl at heart, Tracey lives in glorious Italy with her husband, two children, and a Bengal cat named Maple
To connect with Tracey: 
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2) Calling all that have wanted to be part of a multi author book that will go to #1 on Amazon . Yes you can be part of this process! The topic is creativity, of course. 
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