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Creative Conversations Speaks With The Queen Of Public Speaking

December 30, 2020
As Bridget so eloquently started the conversation she says that we need to uncover, unravel and reveal our layers of self. Such a great conversation! I am 99% sure it will give you a nugget of info. In doing that we have fulfilled our purpose. 
Bridget Aileen Sicsko is a Speaker, Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Author of the international bestselling book, Awakening.
She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs embrace their gifts, get clear on their message, use their voice and take inspired action. Her passion is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives & visionaries shift from becoming simply a dreamer to being a DOER.
Bridget is a public speaking queen and live video expert helping entrepreneurs master the digital space, use their voice and feel confident to be seen
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IG: @blissfulbridget
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