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Creative Conversations Explores Living As An Art

August 3, 2021
Maria R Malec and I talked about so much... what we focus on expands.. We really talked so much about emotions and how to express them not repress them.
✨ Feelings are vibration
🌈 Creativity is experimentation... you get the idea it was a great conversation.
My take away quote from our conversation.. there were so many but here it is " What we feel is what we radiate". 
As a Human Experience Coach, Maria Malec reminds folks that living is an art. She creates experiential retreats that ignite the inner healer.
Maria brings people to the awareness that their level of wellness is directly related to their peace of mind. It is her intention to inspire others to paint a beautiful living by daring to declare their innermost desires, bringing peace to chaotic hearts and helping to restore them to their original blueprint of design through heart/brain coherence.
Her methods teach others how to find their flow and live fully with all their senses.
To connect with Maria go to: 
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