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The Lucrative Artist Is Passionate About Helping Others Realize Ways To Earn More Income

September 24, 2022
Brian Witkowski and I dove in and explored clarity and what that means, authentic relationships, life expansion... no subject too big for us to tackle. 💥 Love this quote from Brian: " We create or we perish. The solutions are waiting to be created". 
Brian Witkowski is a professional singer, actor, voice teacher turned business coach for entrepreneurial artists and creatives. With a passion for helping others realize ways to earn income doing more of what they are most meant to do, he founded a boutique coaching business named The Lucrative Artist.
He offers boutique business coaching services designed to help artists improve their relationship with money, grow their sales skills, and develop compelling new offerings to better serve their ideal clients.
He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts with emphasis in Vocal Performance and minor in Theatre at the University of Arizona; his studies and career have taken him as far west as Hawaii and as far east as China with repertoire ranging from early sacred music to modern opera and musical theatre.
He has taught at Rockford University, facilitated professional development seminars to teachers and artists with Arts Integration Solutions, Self-Employment in the Arts and other organizations, and is regularly sought out as a speaker, and offers artists masterclasses and seminars in money mindset, sales training, financial empowerment, and leadership.
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