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Creative Conversations Talks To A Person Told She Had 7 Years To live & She Proved Them Wrong

September 30, 2021
Do things that you love to do! Seems simple but is it? 🙃
Trish Bishop and I had a great conversation about the corporate world, spiritual and the marrying of both... imagine this a shamanic program to teach leaders how to lead better. 🌟
Love this quote that she took from somewhere but love it! " Selfish is the new sexy". 
Trish is the author of The Question Journey, a Shaman, Intuitive, Empath and Certified Angel Guide.
As a highly successful IT Project Manager Trish was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1998 and told she had 7 years to live. After refusing all medications, this resulted in Trish making some radical changes in her life, including diet, exercise and a host of Spiritual discoveries that have resulted in what she calls, "A beautiful, scary, ridiculous and amazing journey" to reclaim her health and ultimately her life.
Her mission is to educate and inspire people to consciously step into the full alignment of who and what they are
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