Creative Conversations with Hollis Citron

Creative Conversations Talks About A Healthy Intuitive Sustainable Lifestyle Without Sacrifices

July 28, 2021
Karlee has studied and consistently implemented self-healing practices such as, yoga, meditation, breath/chakra work, reprogramming the subconscious brain, holistic nutrition, and the mind, body, spirit connection for over 7 years. She provides life-altering transformations by teaching her clients how to achieve a healthy intuitive sustainable lifestyle without sacrifices.
Her safe space allows her clients to be vulnerable and express their true authentic selves to discover their soul purpose so they create a life of abundance, love, and financial freedom. 
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There are a bunch of exciting things going on at I Am Creative to check out: 
1) Coloring kits for families @ The Ronald McDonald House In Camden, NJ: Kit for you and a kit for them:


2) Calling all that have wanted to be part of a multi author book that will go to #1 on Amazon . Yes you can be part of this process! The topic is creativity, of course. 
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